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Required Order Information

Custom imprint orders will not begin processing until artwork and sales orders are approved and payment terms are followed.

Payment Terms

We require full payment to begin an order.  Checks received with non sufficient funds will be charged $30 for each processing attempt.


Estimates provided by BAB DESIGNS expire 30 days from the date they were created.

Sales Orders

Once you accept our estimate it will be converted into a sales order. Your sales order will provide you with the details of your order. Sales orders must be signed or approved via email/text before your order will begin processing.


A design mockup will be provided with each sales order within 48 to 72 business hours. Mockups must be signed or approved via email/text before your order will begin processing.

Design Submission

All designs submitted by customers must meet the requirements of BAB DESIGNS. All designs must be submitted with a corresponding purchase order or job name. For design requirements please see our artwork guidelines.

Imprint Placement

The imprint placement will be specified on sales order and design mockup. Precise location will slightly differ on each garment.

Minimums Orders

Most apparel items do not require a minimum quantity.

Pre-Production Sample

Pre-Production Samples are available upon request. These orders will require the standard turnaround time and individual unit cost.

Order Turnaround

Most imprinted apparel orders are completed in 7-10 business days from customer deposit and both sales order and design mockup approval. This does not include weekends, company holidays, days in transit or custom art time. Customers who supply their own products please be aware that your orders may be subject to slower turnarounds if your garments do not arrive within 72 hours from placing the order. Special orders requiring individual bagging, custom finishing and or special effect imprints may require a longer turnaround.

Rush Orders

We do accept rush orders when we are capable of producing them. Please ask a sales associate before assuming we can provide you with this service. You may not cancel a rush order once your order is placed.

Change Orders

Change orders are generally not accepted once an order is approved. Ex: A day after you place your order you decide you would like to change designs, garment colors, garment quantities or garment sizes. In the event management accepts your change order, your scheduled due date will also change and you may incur extra charges. These charges may include but are not limited to shipping, art, embroidery digitizing and general processing.


Cancellations of approved orders will be subject to any fees incurred in processing your order. Rush orders may not be canceled. All cancellations must be made by written request.

Returns / Refunds

Defective or misprinted items may be returned for a full refund within 48 hours from receiving them. Ex: Customers garment has a stain from garment factory on it. This does not include defective or misprinted items supplied by customers. All returns and refunds must be approved by management.

Spoilage / Vendor Defects

BAB DESIGNS will not be held responsible for spoilage up to 2% for orders over 144 units or 5% for orders under 144 units. Percentages are based on number of imprints rather than number of garments. Exact Quantity orders are not available. In the event your orders require exact quantities we encourage you to purchase extra pieces. BAB DESIGNS will only bill for finished and un-defected products. Imprints on flawed items supplied by customers will be billed. Extra production time will be needed in the event we need to replace any items. BAB DESIGNS will not be responsible for damages such as profit loss on spoiled or defected products. We can not replace customer supplied items nor refund the cost of items from vendors that we do not do have accounts with. Ex: Retail Stores. Any customer supplied items such as these are supplied at the customers own risk. We highly encourage our customers to purchase products from us.


Customer supplied garments that require extra handling such as tagged garments or individual bagged garments may be subject to an additional handling fee. This fee will be added to final invoice.

Drop Shipments

Drop shipments must be labeled with corresponding purchase order. COD’s will not be covered by receiver.


Most orders are bulk packaged in groups of twelve sorted by garment style, size and color. We do offer individual folding and packaging for an extra fee.


We ship all orders USPS Priority Mail unless rush services or customer pick-up is preferred. Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping. Shipping prices will be determined on day of order completion and will be added to the order invoice.

Order Pick-Up

Customer will be notified once order has been completed.

Order Pick-up times are as follows: **REQUIRES PRE-APPROVAL** 

Tuesday = 7:30PM - 8:30PM

Wednesday = 7:30PM - 8:30PM

Thursday = 7:30PM - 8:30PM

**Times are subject to change without notice**

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